Johnny  - Drums / Thunder / Lightning

Birthplace:  Durango City, Mexico 

Hobbies/Interest:  Music, Soccer, travel, meeting people

Favorite Artists:  The Who, Yes, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and some other dudes

Favorite Concert:  Pink Floyd at the Rose Bowl in 1994, 7th row

Favorite Guilty Pleasure:  Food

What Do You Hate The Most:  Bad Politicians, arrogant and dishonest people

Favorite Quote:  "Treat others the way you want to be treated", (is this a quote or did I just make it up?) - no Al, that was from Jesus :)

Favorite INTENSITY Song:  "Free"

Redstar  - Keyboard / Backup Vocals / Chick Magnet


Al  - Bass Guitar / Spells and Potions

Clay  - Lead Guitar / Lasers / Time Machine

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Greg  - Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar

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